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VISA to Greece
Shanghai,Hangzhou,Nanjing,Wuhan (China)
Short Stay Visas

Based on the purpose of travel, please refer to the below categories in order to prepare the supporting documents for your visa application. Additionally, please click Visa Information in order to be informed about the basic documents that have to be provided.
Visa Application Form

Visa Application form needs to be completed. The application should be signed by the applicant himself.

Sample of detailed air ticket reservation


A2) Individual Members of an ADS Group
A3) Instructions for ads split groups

The Consulate General of Greece in Shanghai wishes to inform that in order to upgrade service to the travel agencies, a new bank account, only, for ADS wire transfer payment is available. Those travel agencies interested in the above mentioned service are kindly requested to contact us (by e-mail at in order to receive relevant instructions.

B Short Stay Visas

B1) Travelling for the Purpose of Tourism
B2) Travelling for the Purpose of Business Visit or Short Professional Training
Format 1599 (For Business Visa C)
B3) Travelling for the Purpose of Visit to Family / Friends
B4) Travelling for the Purpose of Cultural / Sport Events
C1) Tourist application applicable to Greek and other EU, EEA or CH relatives
C2) Spouse and Child of Greek Citizen
C3) Seaman Transit (C)