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VISA to Greece
Beijing (China)
Frequently Asked Questions

There is no legal right to a visa. The reasons for refusal are mentioned on the refusal letter. The visa fees are not reimbursed.

No. You can come to Greece Visa Centre in Beijing any time from 8 a.m. till 2.40 p.m, Monday to Friday.

It depends on the day. You can come any time during the working hours. Please click here for public holiday / closures.

We don’t know whether you have been granted a visa or not. Passports are returned to the Visa Centre in sealed envelopes and we are not allowed to open them.

Returning a passport during the procedure of visa issue automatically involves, for its holder, a suspension of visa request examination and an increasing delay of the visa issue. As a consequence, be provident by ending any plan for which their passport is needed before submitting their visa application.

It means “Your passport is at the Visa Centre. It is ready for collection”.

No, Greece Visa Application Centre in Beijing does not accept agent or representative who is authorized by applicant for submission, except for in justified cases. Passport collection can be made by agent/representative. A valid receipt issued by VAC, an authorization letter and a copy of ID card of agent/representative needs to be presented for collection.

For multiple entry visas the same documents as for single entry visas are required. Please also submit a reasonable proof of need for multiple travel required. The visa fee is the same as for a single entry visa.

You can buy an insurance policy in advance at any insurance company. We don’t have a representative of an insurance company yet at the Visa Application Centres.

Normally, processing time for visa applications is 5 working days, counting from when all requested documents have been submitted. This period may be extended in specific cases, notably when further scrutiny of this application is required.

Visa and service fees are to be paid right after submission of your documents at Visa Application Centre. There is no need to pay the fees in advance. We do not accept bank cards.

A parent/legal guardian should sign the application form for his/her child. An applicant under the age of 18 years cannot sign the application form.

Parental Authorization is not needed when both parents are traveling with the minor. Instead, both parents/legal guardians should sign the application form for the minor.

Notary Certificate of authorization, legalized by MFA (when not in China attested by the relevant authorities in the country of residence) is needed:
a. from both parents or legal guardians when the minor is traveling alone;
b. only from the parent or legal guardian not traveling, when the minor is traveling with one parent.

In all cases (the minor is traveling alone, with one or with both parents) Notary Certificate of family relationship or proof of guardianship, legalized by MFA (when not in China attested by the relevant authorities in the country of residence) is needed.

Log on to the website to track your application status using the reference number & date of birth. Please click here.

No, Greece VAC staff cannot help you to complete your application form, and they cannot provide any immigration advice to you.